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Fighting the Red Monkey Oppression ... Everywhere . . . Everyday

         Welcome to the Blue Monkey Lair - Home of the Blue Monkey Cult   

 tBMC ©      The WebSite devoted to our continued struggle with Evil Red Monkeys everywhere.

 If you've found this site because you're intrigued by Sauerbraten and interested in learning more about the community, and perhaps getting involved with the regulars and misfits're in luck !!  You've come to the right place.

Our basic Mission is three fold.

†  Spread the word about the Sauerbraten Community.   Provide a place for new players to learn about the game and a safe haven to ask questions and observe the Sauer world while they hone their skills.


†  Grow the Blue Monkey Cult membership with folks that want to have fun and enjoy each others company and camaraderie.


†  Ultimately - Recruit a small handfull of heavyweights. Train,  train, and train some more,  and then  kick some evil red monkey butt !! 


Blue Monkeys of the world stand up and be counted.  This is Sauer's finest hour !! 


tBMC©    So what's in a Name ?


 The Cult's trademark colors are symbolic of the constant and eternal struggle between Good and Evil. 





in Campo - A red monkey hides behind every corner.

Today's NEWS - The Blue Monkey Cult is Legitimate and Growing!!!

You aren't seeing things!!

The Blue Monkey Cult is gaining momentum!  Soon we'll be Unstoppable !!

More Blue Monkeys are sporting the tBMC logo everyday now.  We are gaining membership and support for the cause.


Meet our cast of [tBMC] crazies ..

Zaphod / Stub / Pepper / Noob2 / NoTomfoolery/Vortac / Belerophon / TinyElvis / Saea / Emacs/ Hairshorts / ZTK  / Avatar / Ironcore /  JennyCraig. / Ohai / Twig / WickedJoe /  N207Go // DBO // ChuckDizzy // Rosine // Sissi // HelloKitty// Meowsers // Swatllama // Mefisto // Briggzy // Rabbid // Quico // bbk // Waye //  Halbgar // Kalimuscle //DukeNukem// Subber74 // .dot !!   and yours truly ... Phobo 


Will YOU be the next Blue Monkey?


// Phobo 



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